RMW Heritage Backpacks Made in USA

RMW Heritage Backpacks, made in USA since 1971


RMW Heritage Backpacks are Made in USA -100%, and most of the components- fabrics, buckles, etc. are domestically manufactured. These packs are made by elves, in small numbers, in our cottage workshops.. They are not factory manufactured, and we are pleased to be supporting our neighbors in this modest way.

RMW packs have a recurring theme, simplicity. These Heritage packs have fewer seams because they are designed to have less pieces than most packs. Also unique to the brand is the style of using contoured designs. The packs are all similar in that they achieve comfort and functionality by the best distribution of the load. This is achieved by the design and shape and not by having a clutter of extra features that would be mostly unnecessary and add additional cost and weight.. The packs use leather tie-on points (barbells and also use a super comfortable and durable leather attachment system for the shoulder straps. Nickel plated steel buckles are also used on our shoulder straps, to further the vintage style of the packs. These buckles are more durable and smoother to adjust than most plastic buckles.

Back in production since 2008, Rivendell Mountain Works is pleased to once again be producing The Jensen Pack™. This is a true, vintage, hand made backpack. Also back in production are many of the other original Rivendell Mountain Works designs from the late 70’s.

Our packs are not “reproductions” we make these packs from the original patterns and to the same high standards that Rivendell Mountain Works became known for in the 1970’s.